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 Alberta Certified Septic Services (ACSS) has been in continuous operation since 2008. As rural county residents for more than 40 years, we have seen it all. As septic system contractors, our first-hand experience, training, and problem solving skills, ensure the most cost effective plan based on the scope of your project.



We provide full installation, service, and repairs to septic systems, cisterns, and plumbing projects for residential or commercial needs. From pump and tank replacements, to designing, building, and servicing complete systems, we continue to be the quality choice for rural residents. 



 ACSS is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and a fully licensed member of the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association (AOWMA). All of our systems conform to the new 2015 Standard of Practice.

Repairs and Inspections

 Has your tank backed up in your basement? Has your pump burned out? Is your septic alarm going off? Do you have raw sewage on your back lawn? Do you have ice on your system? If any of these apply to you, you need to call us. We can usually solve your problem for less than you might expect.

 Are you buying or selling a property? If so, we will inspect your system. We specialize in bringing existing systems up to code. 


  We provide service with a personal touch.  We recognize the long term investment that you have in your home and the importance of installing the proper septic system.  We install systems with a view to long term usage and minimal maintenance.  All possible costs are discussed and agreed upon upfront…you won’t be a victim of a low quote to get the job, then get nailed with additional charges hidden in the “fine print”.

Types of Systems

We offer extensive experience in installation/repair of septic pumps, septic tanks, cisterns, septic plants, At- Grade systems, septic mounds, septic fields, and surface discharge systems.  Every system is different.   We discuss all your options to ensure that you make a well informed decision as we move forward.

The Process

There are a number of steps that go into your septic project.  Every aspect is discussed as we work to completion.  Please be aware that most projects involve heavy equipment.  While we put every effort into minimizing our footprint, you will have to do some landscaping as the material settles. 

• Step 1:  Thank-you for hiring us!  We meet you at your site to get all the information for your project.  This may include site plans, house plans, and time-lines.  Book early to reserve your spot.  Please call Alberta One-Call to mark your services to ensure that your project can be planned properly.  We cannot dig on your property until this is done. 

•Step 2:  If it is not a repair to an existing part of your system, then we need to take soil samples.  This process takes approximately a week from when we obtain the samples to send to the lab.

•Step 3:  System Design and obtaining permits.  Once we get the results of your soil samples, we can design your system and obtain the septic permit.  This process takes one to two weeks.

• Step 4:  Construction

At-Grade Systems

Do you have a property that has a great deal of natural trees?  Do you have space restrictions?  If so, we will discuss the option of installing a Septic Plant with an At-Grade Septic System.  These systems have the advantage of leaving a very small footprint, and allow you to keep your mature natural trees.  There is a higher cost involved but with proper maintenance this system can last the life of your property.   This photo  shows an At-Grade system under construction.

Mound System

The size of your property and the soil conditions will dictate if you need a mound.  If your property is less than 600 ft by 600 ft, and you have lots of clay, you may need a mound.  The size is dictated by your sewage needs and soil profile.  A typical mound for a 3 bedroom house is approximately 120 ft long, 25 ft wide, and 4 ft tall. This photo shows a finished mound prior to seeding.

Field System

If your property is smaller than 600 ft by 600 ft, and you have good soil that is not clay, you may be able to install a Septic field.  A typical field takes up a great deal of space on your property.  It must be located so that surface water does not drain towards it.  A Field System is a lower cost than a mound. This photo  shows one run of a Septic Field under construction.

Surface Discharge System

If your property is larger than 600 ft by 600 ft, and you have not exceeded the maximum allowable number of land parcels on the original quarter-section (typically 4 excluding the remnant parcel), then you may be able to have a Surface-Discharge Pump-Out System.  The Pump-Out System has the lowest cost with the lowest maintenance.

Service Areas

 We proudly serve the Counties of Strathcona, Leduc, Camrose, Lamont, Beaver, Minburn, Parkland, Sturgeon, Wetaskiwin, Thorhild, and Smoky Lake. Our septic and cistern systems utilize top quality Alberta Wilbert Tanks and the highest quality Stowell pumps to meet your design and budget needs. 

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